April 18 - 19 2020 | University of New England - Innovation Hall | 18+ Event


Health has and always will be a hot button topic. From how we communicate information to receiving proper treatment, transformation in the health industry continues to evolve. The North Atlantic Health Hackathon is designed to band togetherlike-minded individuals from all over the North Atlantic to focus on one goal: innovation in the healthcare industry.

Over two days you will be asked to mix your passion and skills to create a project that will provide a lasting impact on the healthcare industry. Not only are there five prizes up for grabs, but the top team will be provided cash and entrance to a pre-accelerator to continue building their award-winning idea.

So, come with a team, or form a team on-site and make your mark on healthcare.



$5,000 USD and an invitation to AngelHack?s HACKcelerator

*Overall High Score


$2,000 USD


$2,000 USD


$2,000 USD



The Challenges

Choose one of these four health tracks to focus your project on.


Health Care needs technology to help speed up the communication lines between caretakers, care teams and patients. Our industry struggles with maintaining privacy while increasing the speed of communication. Build an app or digital solution that solves the communication barriers while maintaining health insurance portability and accountability compliance.


  • connecting core care team members (nurses/residents/attending) to
  • assist with real-time communication
  • discharge needs of hospitalized patients
  • parents caring for their child after a hospitalization

Self-care & Information

Knowledge is power and information is critical. We want to help our patients help themselves. Build an app that leverages and showcases readily available information so that it can be easily interpreted and acted upon:


  • Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist in managing chronic cardiovascular disease (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, coronary disease, heart failure).
  • EMR innovation that improves the visual display of clinical information (ala Tufte)
  • An app that provides real-time accounting of the health consequences of daily choices
  • An app that enables patient self-care
  • Allow app data sharing and communication with user?s PCP to give the provider insight into the user?s mental health and alert them when intervention might be warranted

Rural and Underserved Communities

Great health care is only useful if you can get it when you need it. There are Rural and Underserved Populations that find it challenging to access health care in a timely and relevant matter. Build an app or digital solution that helps connect doctors with patients in rural/ underserved communities:


  • virtual training of rural clinical teams
  • supporting an underserved population
  • support rural birthing hospitals
  • highest likely impact for the lowest cost (highest “value” innovation)
  • digital innovations to serve homebound patients/elders/disabled
  • Allow user to request transportation and caregiver services
  • Digital tools for the large population of isolated elderly individuals who are at higher risks of a variety of physical and mental health conditions

Suicide Prevention (UNUM Challenge)

Globally, one person dies from suicide every 40 seconds, and in the U.S. it is estimated that there are over 1.4 million suicide attempts per year.?In the U.S., suicide is the second leading cause of death among those aged 15-24.?In Maine, 27% of youth report feeling sad or hopeless, and this percentage has been rising nearly one point per year over the past decade.?More effective outreach to adults and youth is needed to combat feelings of depression and hopelessness that, if unaddressed, can lead to thoughts of suicide.?Create an app or social media-based platform that educates users and provides tools for suicide prevention.


  • ?Tailor the app to adults and youth separately if appropriate, using popular social media sites as the delivery platform and integrating peer support into the youth focused solution
  • Help users understand the difference between sadness and suicide risk as well as when to provide support to a peer vs. seeking help from a professional (or adult/parent, for youth users)
  • Integrate the app with available mental health resources, including services that can be provided without parental involvement where clinically appropriate (for youth users)
  • Provide information that serves as evidence for hope for the future (i.e. ?someone like me? struggled in the same way, received help, and recovered)
  • Allow users to contact the national suicide hotline and emergency services with one touch, if they or someone else is in immediate danger

Technology & Resources

Any Open Source API

(please view a few examples below)

Cloud Healthcare API

Offers a free trial to explore the API

View Here

GitHub Public APIs

Lists of all APIs in health domain

View Here

Featured API - Digi.Me

Digi.me provides a quick and easy way to get personal data for your app or service from individuals. Use a single API key to get access to many sources of personal data such as Finance, Medical, Health & Fitness, Entertainment and Social Media. Digi.me SDKs are available for iOS, Android or Node.js apps.


Do amazing things with your data with full privacy, security, and consent.
Explore the toolkit by clicking here.

SDK and Data

Find your relevant support documentation and SDK download file by clicking here.


Publicly available synthetic data from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)

View Here

Code repository that maps it into the OMOP Common Data Model.

View Here

Code repository that contains the resources to set up a full OHDSI tool stack using the synthetic data.

View Here

Additional Resources

Click here for more information on the healthcare industry.



all times listed in EST


Wednesday, April 8th: 13:00 14:00

Pre-North Atlantic Health Hack Virtual Session via Zoom
Webinar Link https://zoom.us/j/191845854
Meeting ID: 191 845 854

Wednesday, April 8th: 18:30 20:00

Pre-North Atlantic Health Hack Virtual Session via Zoom
Webinar Link: https://zoom.us/j/463730653
Meeting ID: 463 730 653

Saturday, April 18th:

all times listed in EST

09:00 10:00 Doors Open & Breakfast Served
10:00 11:00 Opening Ceremony
Presentations from Partners
11:00 - Coding Begins
12:00 13:00 Lunch Served
13:00 14:00 Breakout Session(s)
18:00 19:00 Dinner Served
20:00 20:30 Pitch Workshop
24:00 - Midnight Snack
Hack through the Night*
*The venue will be open and staffed overnight if you?d like to hack through the night.

Sunday, April 19th:

all times listed in EST

07:00 08:00 Breakfast Served
10:00 11:00 Pitch Practice Session
12:00 13:00 Lunch Served
13:00 - Submission Deadline
14:00 16:00 Judging/Demonstration (3min pitch w/ 2min Q&A)
16:00 16:30 Judge Deliberation
16:30 17:00 Closing Ceremony & Awards
17:00 - Event Close

Judging Criteria

Each submission will be scored in each round based on the following criteria with a minimum score of 0 and a maximum score of 20 points, with the final score being the average of the judges? scores:

Simplicity (5 points):

Is the app/solution simple to use and can the team explain it clearly in three sentences or less?

Creativity (5 points):

How creative was the team in developing an innovative solution for the challenge?

Impact (5 points):

Did the team create an application/solution that can have a real and valuable impact?

Design (5 points):

Was the UX/UI intuitive and appealing?


Jeffrey D. Sanders

President, Maine Medical Center

Nina Naylor

Founder & Creative Director, Amphibious

Ey??r M?ni Steinarsson

CEO, Outstanding Inc.

Todd Haedrich

Susan Woods, MD MPH

Travel Stipend

New England Participants

$100 USD Travel Reimbursement Available

To Be Eligible You Must:

  1. Secure a ticket to the event
  2. Check-in onsite at the event
  3. Submit a project
  4. Demo to the judges on Sunday, April 19th
  5. Submit travel reimbursement form (emailed to you after the hackathon)

Nordic Participants

Get Sponsored

The participant must must be between 18 and 30 years of age and indicate that they are from Iceland, Coastal Norway*, Greenland, or the Faroe Islands via the Eventbrite ticketing platform.

Once you have secured your ticket you will be emailed a travel stipend application. If selected to receive sponsorship, you will be contacted by NORA to secure your flights and hotel for the hackathon.

*Coastal Norway: Counties of Rogaland, Vestland, M?re og Romsdal, Tr?ndelag, Nordland and Troms og Finnmark.

Travel Stipend Application Due on 20 March 2020


  • Teams of up to 5 participants are allowed. All team members must have completed the participation agreement to compete.
  • Participants must be 18+ years of age.
  • You may not begin your project until the competition officially begins. Please don’t come in and build on top of previous projects if you want to win.
  • Winning teams will be subject to a code-review at some point following the event or immediately before winning.


Who Can Attend?

All developers, designers, entrepreneurs, data scientists, health professions students, and technologists who are 18+.

How are Teams Formed?

Teams can be created in advance using the North Atlantic Health Hackathon channel and/ or onsite and will be comprised of one to five individuals.

How is North Atlantic Health Hackathon Judged?

Winners of the North Atlantic Health Hackathon will be selected by a panel of judges who will use the judging requirements provided above. The overall top scoring project will win the grand prize.

What is the Fresh Code Rule?

All code developed as part of North Atlantic Health Hackathon must be fresh. Before the start of North Atlantic Health Hackathon, developers can create wireframes, designs and user flows. They can also come with hardware. But to keep things fair, all code must be written onsite at North Atlantic Health Hackathon. Other than that, almost anything goes and you can use any coding languages or open-source libraries.